VLATACOM’s mission is to offer products and engineering services in the areas  of information, communication, and biometric technologies, while complying with legal and normative requirements and, in doing so, fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations.


VLATACOM’s vision is to develop and sell competitive products and services that are globally recognized for their quality in the areas of information and communication technology, information security, and biometrics.

“Customer first, quality always”

Vlatacom provides turnkey solutions in the areas of information, communication, and biometric technologies. Since its founding in 1997, Vlatacom has held the status as Motorola’s CGISS (Commercial, Government, and Industrial Solutions Sector) distributor in both Serbia and Montenegro.

Since 2002, Vlatacom has expanded its activities to the areas of information and communication technologies integration and software and electronic device development. Throughout the company’s existence, Vlatacom’s team of top professionals has developed and offered a number of high-tech hardware and software products and systems for domestic and foreign customers, including:

  • Biometric ID and travel document issuance system,
  • Border control and passenger registration system,
  • Identity verification system,
  • System for traffic management in urban environments,
  • Automatic Vehicle Location system (AVL),
  • Solution for integrating e-Government systems, and many others.

All projects completed by Vlatacom are turnkey and, as a rule, always include customer training and post-commissioning system maintenance. Vlatacom’s policy is to prepare customers for independent operation, utilization, management, and maintenance of delivered systems.

Vlatacom is a continuously growing organization whose success is a direct result of uninterrupted investment in professional excellence, research and development, and employee education. The company’s continuous education policy is satisfied by employees attending professional courses, seminars, conferences, or in pursuing post-graduate studies.

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